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5 Best Practices for Traveling with Golf Clubs and Golf Rangefinder

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In case you’re traveling with your golf clubs, you may know how painful it is to move around the airport with your bag and to take your golf clubs to the golf course. There’re 3 primary choices for you to choose from if you’re traveling to different places to golfing and a handy set of clubs will be necessary too.

  • Carrying your clubs on the flight with you.
  • Shipping your clubs through a service such as Ship sticks or FedEx.
  • Use rented clubs so no need to carry them.

And want to make your golf game more comfortable and easy, carrying along one of the following laser rangefinders will be helpful. But it is advisable for your budget to look for the best golf laser rangefinder under 200$.

1. Golf Rangefinder

So we together look at some of best golf rangefinders that are affordable. It is much easier and comfortable to play golf with this kind of equipment. It not only improve your game performance but also helps you get the most of your game.

Tectectec VPRO500

This brand of laser rangefinder can measure around 540 years with the scan mode. It features a pin sensor tech and the water-resistant ability. It offers fast measurement that is one-yard accuracy that can offer accurate measurements for some overlapping subjects such as hazards, woody areas, and golf flags.

The lens is very visible with the multilayered optics as welas data that’s easy to understand. The device’s lens could prevent distance and the battery meter as well as could also indicate the measurement mode that is continuous.

It’s high light and portable with this device weighing 185grams and 104mm x 72mm x 41 mm in size. The ability to resist water will make it useful to hunt, golf, or even survey. This device comes with the matching case as well as a lanyard that is easy to use, the battery strap as well as the cleaning cloth.

This product has a laser rangefinder operation that is advanced that could offer the accurate measurement of five hundred meters quickly. It offers clear and sharp images under various conditions. It is also used as the quality monocular. This feature comes with the magnification that is 6x and as I said, one-yard accuracy.

The lens display and this device’s fingertip operation make your usage smooth and easy.

It’s quite easily used for your to golf. Better shot selections could help improve your game performance. Yet, the design of weather-proof type will also make it adapted to some tasks such as hunting and surveying.

 Nikon Coolshot 20

The important feature of this brand will be its size, or to be honest, this device lacks this feature.

At 9cm x 7cm, this is 1 of the most compact lasers among other kinds of products and is fifty-five grams lighter and two cm shorter than the previous Nikon Coolshot.

The small size of the device has a huge advantage other lasers all over the market now because it’s thin enough so that it is easily slipped to your jacket or trouser pocket between every shot then you don’t need to stay reaching to your bag.

This device also has a lens with 6x magnification that is exact up to 500yds or 500m, so not as so far as Cool shot, but I don’t believe that anyone could hit it such far.

The equipment is really easy to utilize. You just need to direct it to your target, then press the button that is rear, then turn on the device so you could get your target at ease. After about eight seconds it will automatically turn it off in order to conserve battery life and there’s the battery charge on the device’s screen for you to keep your eye on it.

2. Golf Clubs

In my opinion, I dislike using rented clubs and prefer using my sticks in order to play comfortably as possible. Shipping may be a good choice, but think more of planning. If you’re hurrying to pack for your trip and want your clubs to go along with you on the flight, so the following will be some of the top tips on traveling with a set of your clubs.

Check the fee for your bag

Ensure to check which airline you will travel on and whether there will be added the charge for overweight bags and golf clubs. For instance, Spirit air will be a dime and nickel airline that will cost $100 for the golf clubs in case they’re above 40 or the bag of yours have above 62” in length. My friend said that he thought he would just need to pay $19 for a flight between Miami and Orlando with Spirit air yet it finally charged $100 for carrying golf clubs and plus $40 for the clothing bag.

Check your golf balls

The golf ball will be the items that are the heaviest within your bag, so you may need to pay the extra fee for your overweight bag if you bring lots of them along. If you are not a handicapper that plays in Florida on the course having a lot of water hazards, then it is advisable for you to not carry fifty balls with you.

Stick with it

Save your driver and it is advisable to not snap your clubs by putting a protective device or a stick in your bag that would save the larger, big clubs you’re traveling with. Those clubs are easy to break. If you are well-prepared for your travel, you will avoid the chance of experiencing disappointment as seeing what happens to your bag after the flight.

Be persistent

If your club is broken when it is on the flight, you will luckily get reimbursed from that airline. But the truth is it is not easy as it sounds. You may experience so much arguing before getting your money back.


Everybody will have bad and good travel experiences when bringing their clubs. Hopefully, this advice mentioned above will help you as traveling along with your golf clubs and golf GPS.

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