Hunting Trips

Laser Rangefinder For Hunting: Basics and Why You Should Use It?

Before advance hunting tech was accessible and affordable to everyone, laser rangefinders were one of the best kept secrets only the elite can afford. LRF for short, these were expensive hunting gears that cost thousands of dollars. Despite that gold price tag, it gave huge advantage to those who had them, ramping up the game by increasing precision and accuracy over each shot.

Now there are low-priced laser rangefinders designed for long range sports. Many swear that it’s an essential gear worth investing in, and you can now find the best hunting rangefinder without breaking the bank.

What is a Laser Rangefinder?

Before laser rangefinders, there were optical rangefinders that were used to determine the distance of a faraway object from the user. To be able to calculate the accurate distance of a target is a very essential skill in hunting, archery and other long range sports. However the old rangefinders were large, and crude, and because of these reasons, not many users bring them during hunting trips.

Laser rangefinders operate on the same function but are now more affordable and give better performance compared to their optical counterparts. A single unit can now fit in your pocket and even the lowest priced ones have better ranging performance than previous optical models. The main difference now is that it’s equipped with smart and laser-precision tech, it can function as an in-scope binocular which can magnify your view of your target, and comes with other built-in features that can really make ranging easy.

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Cycling Tours

Relieved Marie in splendid isolation

THIERRY MARIE, winner of last Saturday’s prologue in Lyon, will ride through his beloved Normandy today resplendent in the Tour de France leader’s yellow jersey.

Marie, his eyes as blue as cornflowers, his hair as golden as corn (this is a local newspaper’s description, by the way) struck for home yesterday some 15 miles outside Arras and rode alone and unaided to Le Havre, a further 145 miles, to win the stage and recapture the maillot jaune.

It was a formidable effort by a man who specializes in being the fastest against the clock over distances of less than 10 kilometers. He has won three Tour de France prologues in the past six years, his only other stage win being at Chalon-sur-Saone in 1988.

The cobbled square in Arras was thronged with excited, animated French and Belgians yesterday morning. They deeply love their cycling in the north and if there was disappointment over the loss of Rolf Sorensen the mood was quickly dispelled.

Another long, hot day was in prospect and few paid much notice when Marie first broke. Then two minutes became three, nine became ten, and finally, his lead had stretched to more than 20 minutes. Marie was lost, as was nearly everybody else when a sea-fret drifted in from the Channel.

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Golf Travel

Mui Ne Golf Travel

Ten years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. Spend your life in traveling not by working and you should never lose any moments in your life that you can enjoy. There is always a chance in life and don’t forget to grab it, you will lose half of your life if you cannot see this wonderful place.

  • Are you into spending your life on a beach?
  • Loving the heat of the sun?

Well, this is for you!

Mui Ne Beach, this beach is actually in the village of Ham Tien in Vietnam to add confusion the beach is district part of Phan Thiet City. Mui Ne Beach is known to be a kite surfer’s paradise, it is competing with the summer island named “Boracay” in the Philippines. It draws a wind sports from around the world due to its consistent cross onshore wind. Mui Ne Beach was able to develop their reputation and detractors. Choose a tour to Mui ne here!

With this said development, the tourist strip is gaudy and soulless.

This beach is extremely popular for Russian tourists, it is also dubbed and called the “Russian Town”. The sad part about this beach there is no scuba-diving nor snorkeling but it is wide open for surfers, Surf up from August to December, for wind-surfers the gales blow during October to late April.

Mui Ne Beach still catches a little bit of rain because of Phan Thiet, but the sand dunes help to protect its unique microclimate. The rainy season starts in June to September it’s not really long time and after that months you can surely go back to water sports! So what are the other activities you can do if you’re not into water sports?

You can rent a motorbike and explore Mui Ne proper and the fresh catch fishes out by the sea, you can take the bike to see the sand dunes. Are you into walking? You can go hike and visit the nearby Fairy Spring, or hike up in Takou Mountain and its nature reserve, and lastly just enjoy the view in your room and wander along in the shore and feel the fresh winds. So how can you go to Mui Ne Beach?

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Golf Travel

5 Best Practices for Traveling with Golf Clubs and Golf Rangefinder

In case you’re traveling with your golf clubs, you may know how painful it is to move around the airport with your bag and to take your golf clubs to the golf course. There’re 3 primary choices for you to choose from if you’re traveling to different places to golfing and a handy set of clubs will be necessary too.

  • Carrying your clubs on the flight with you.
  • Shipping your clubs through a service such as Ship sticks or FedEx.
  • Use rented clubs so no need to carry them.

And want to make your golf game more comfortable and easy, carrying along one of the following laser rangefinders will be helpful. But it is advisable for your budget to look for the best golf laser rangefinder under 200$.

1. Golf Rangefinder

So we together look at some of best golf rangefinders that are affordable. It is much easier and comfortable to play golf with this kind of equipment. It not only improve your game performance but also helps you get the most of your game.

Tectectec VPRO500

This brand of laser rangefinder can measure around 540 years with the scan mode. It features a pin sensor tech and the water-resistant ability. It offers fast measurement that is one-yard accuracy that can offer accurate measurements for some overlapping subjects such as hazards, woody areas, and golf flags.

The lens is very visible with the multilayered optics as welas data that’s easy to understand. The device’s lens could prevent distance and the battery meter as well as could also indicate the measurement mode that is continuous.

It’s high light and portable with this device weighing 185grams and 104mm x 72mm x 41 mm in size. The ability to resist water will make it useful to hunt, golf, or even survey. This device comes with the matching case as well as a lanyard that is easy to use, the battery strap as well as the cleaning cloth.

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Golf Travel

Travel from Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh city

After spending time in the historic city of Mekong Delta, going to Phnom Penh Cambodia is a splendid idea to continue your adventure. Phnom Penh Cambodia is also a place that is worth visiting for.

The Mekong Delta has been placed at the center of Saigon and Cambodia. With the help of our Mekong delta tours, you can travel Phnom Penh or Angkor Wat from Saigon, or from Cambodia to Vietnam. The routes can be covered using cruise boat and overland to explore and enjoy the excellent scenery along the way to Mekong Delta or vise Versa. Each tour comes with different lengths, and all of them come with an overnight trip with one of the most beautiful river cruisers.

In traveling from Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh, there are lots of eye-catching views to see. You can appreciate and feel the beauty of the attraction as you pass by riding in a boat. These tourist attractions are very popular and also comes with historical facts that play a vital role in Vietnam history. The historical facts are perfect for all types of ages, but it is an educational information for your kids who probably learning their history of different countries.

As you travel from Mekong Delta down to Phnom Penh, you will see lots of beautiful tourist attraction. I guarantee you that you would love to capture each tourist attraction and consider this as one of the best souvenirs in your vacation. Aside from that, you will experience shopping in the floating market. The products will surely amaze you since they produce a unique stuff that is being sold exclusively in their country.

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Golf Travel

Avoid Boggy Vacation When Having Golf Travel

It is a nightmare to have a holiday that you lack some important things for a golf travel such as professional cameras for many creative photos, wrong brochures, etc. When you have landed, you cannot come back to put these things on your suitcases again.

The only solution to solve is to fix the mistakes that you have already been undertaken. So, we will help you to tackle some issues like these by recommending a few useful golf travel tips. Take ahead!

Receive unbiased advice

There are two major recommendations about a golf travel break – one with a related interest and one without having it. If your mate tells you that it is probably a low-quality course, then it will happen.

Using a golf tour is a good idea when you do not know some courses. However, you should check the frequency of the course before booking a tour. Some golfers also build a good relationship with a golf tour operator as they will select a high-quality course and save much money at the same time.  

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Cycling Tours

Discovering New Trails For Mountain Biking In The Birds Hill Park

In my whole biking career, I have discovered a lot of trails. Every one of them has become my golden memory. Recently, I went to the Birds Hill Park in Manitoba. I was accompanied by some wonderful bikers. They were from Winnipeg forum for bikers. Temporarily, they took me on the team. Riding with the others is safer and more adventurous. From my past experiences, I knew that their knowledge about biking will enrich me a lot. But I did not know the real benefit till one of them introduced me to a completely new path in the Park.

He asked me whether I was familiar with trails in the Park or not. I was new there, so I replied negatively. That old and experienced biker showed me several new trails that were full of adventures. Firstly, I should give you an overview of the Birds Hill Park. The northern side of the park is a heaven for the hiker. There are trails for horse-riding, hiking, and walking. Most of the trails are hidden as people used to go a particular place again and again. Do you want to find a single track on here too? It’s possible if you continue reading this.


At first, you have to be destined for Griffiths Hill. When you reached the place, there will be a tower for viewing. The trails that I am suggesting is not far from the viewing tower. Look for the “Esker” and keep going. Take a look at the left side and you can notice a single path. It’s the entrance of your desired single track.

The actual excitement is in the trees. You will face challenges in every twist and the turn. When you try to climb up, the twisted paths of trees may create obstacles. It seems more interesting when there will be slopes. I found three trails in there and they meet with the “Chickadee”. Are you interested in discovering some more? Don’t worry. I will help you out.

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Cycling Tours

What Muscles Are Used When Cycling

We all know that cycling is a great workout, benefit both your physical and mental health. As a tolerance sport, cycling is also good for cardiovascular health while also supporting weight loss.

In fact, cycling is also an incredible alternation of doing exercises in all gym centers. Have you ever had this question in mind “what muscles are used when cycling?” as you get many health benefits from this endurance sport. Keep on reading and you will discover these.

Leg muscles group

When beginning one circle, your legs have to cycle and leg muscles are the first muscle groups to train. On the one hand, other muscles also used such as gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

  •        The quadriceps muscles are the biggest groups on the front of the thigh which are responsible for boosting the leg and pushing the pedal to make many circles while cycling.
  •        The gluteus maximus and medius are the buttocks in your butt that are responsible for pushing the pedal at the top of the stroke.
  •        The hamstrings work with the calf muscle to elevate the pedal up from the bottom. These muscles are located on the back of the thigh.

In other words, these groups connected together to provide you the cycling power when pedaling and tolerance while riding.

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Golf Travel

The eclipse

The first time I played golf was the afternoon of the partial eclipse in Nashville, Tennessee. I had just returned from school with my degree, and my father chose to acknowledge my maturity by standing me drinks at the close of our nine-hole round.

My golf game is a loss of memory, a stroke sliced so far wide, my eye can’t follow; I hear the pond gulp. But I remember the one o’clock eclipse, how when I stepped from the house the clear sky unexpectedly darkened. The air turned cool in the animal silence.

And I noticed under the tall shrubs where shadows of the oval leaves met and parted, a thousand dancing moon-shaped suns shifting and dividing as the air shuffled the stiff leaves and a thousand foci blinked and stared. I called the others out to show them.

Moments after the display had vanished, I remember I remained entranced. I saw eclipses everywhere. My car eclipsed the family car, the house across the street eclipsed the hill that stood above it, tall irises eclipsed the box, and every object rose to obscure another.

My father joined me carrying his clubs, and we went. But on the way, all buildings, cars, trucks, signs, and trees, held orbits that met and overlapped. The golf swing, too, caused an eclipse, and the sinking ball eclipsed the cup. Nothing seemed safe, that afternoon, from apparent loss.

Hunting Trips

Some Mistakes That Coyote Hunters Should Avoid

Whether you are a new coyote hunter or not, you will make some mistakes that you do not identify on a regular basis. To get a better result in the hunting range, you should know and avoid these.

Choose a wrong stand location

Coyotes are hard to make a call to appeal them, so it will be a nightmare if you select a bad stand location. You will never have a complete call to attract and hunt them. Most of the hunters hurry to blow a call and assume that coyotes will come to their standing points promptly.

On the flip side, a great stand location will support hunters have a smooth and careful hunting range. You need to have a place to hide your hunting tool to mislead other coyotes when you catch one of them.

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