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Discovering New Trails For Mountain Biking In The Birds Hill Park

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In my whole biking career, I have discovered a lot of trails. Every one of them has become my golden memory. Recently, I went to the Birds Hill Park in Manitoba. I was accompanied by some wonderful bikers. They were from Winnipeg forum for bikers. Temporarily, they took me on the team. Riding with the others is safer and more adventurous. From my past experiences, I knew that their knowledge about biking will enrich me a lot. But I did not know the real benefit till one of them introduced me to a completely new path in the Park.

He asked me whether I was familiar with trails in the Park or not. I was new there, so I replied negatively. That old and experienced biker showed me several new trails that were full of adventures. Firstly, I should give you an overview of the Birds Hill Park. The northern side of the park is a heaven for the hiker. There are trails for horse-riding, hiking, and walking. Most of the trails are hidden as people used to go a particular place again and again. Do you want to find a single track on here too? It’s possible if you continue reading this.


At first, you have to be destined for Griffiths Hill. When you reached the place, there will be a tower for viewing. The trails that I am suggesting is not far from the viewing tower. Look for the “Esker” and keep going. Take a look at the left side and you can notice a single path. It’s the entrance of your desired single track.

The actual excitement is in the trees. You will face challenges in every twist and the turn. When you try to climb up, the twisted paths of trees may create obstacles. It seems more interesting when there will be slopes. I found three trails in there and they meet with the “Chickadee”. Are you interested in discovering some more? Don’t worry. I will help you out.

Just get back to the tower where you started the journey. In the Eastern side, you will notice the “Bluestem”. This trail will lead you to a peak. The height is approximately twenty feet, which is a plus for you. The entrance shows another direction of the trail. My friend in the biking forum showed me these trails. Now, I am going to let you know about my discoveries.

I was not curious about the untold trails. I was looking for something new and exciting. Mine was discovered recently and still unknown to a lot of bikers. The trail is called “Bur Oak”. The map of legend, from which you have tracked the viewing tower can direct the trail. The southern-west on the map have some unstable shapes. There is another walking trail which is shaped like “7”. The newly discovered trail is adjacent to the walking trail. From the sound of your mountain bike, this trail may come to life again.

Biking from Birds Hill ParkThe specialty of the trail is the twists. Your mountain bike will have to face twists as well as speeds at the same time. The ups and downs of the track are thoroughly enjoyable. When you will go there, you will see the tents for picnics and debris from campfires. Previously, Olympia cycle used to organize races in here. Every segment in this track will lead you to a new experience. In my point of view, the real challenge of biking in this single track is avoiding the obstacles and speeding up the deadly speed of your bike. Soon, your brain will get used to the surroundings and it will lower the risk quickly.

The Bur-Oak track will take you to a new twist after biking for 15 minutes consistently. In the next stoppage, you have to choose a road from three ways. Take the left one and continue driving for completing the cycle. The others will also help in completing the cycle, but you have to spend more fuels and those roads are not much excitement for the bikers.

If you continue biking on the left way, there will be a sand-ridge. You need not suffer with it for long. After passing it, a new entrance will have appeared. Now, enjoy the twists. The reason for which I told you to take the left one, is these twists. The middle road has a lot of ups and a few downs. It’s better to drive than just climbing up.

Winnipeg Festival of Folk is a famous thing in the Birds Hill Park. People can be found in the festive mood during this occasion. I love to go there and enjoy their celebration. This is kind of wild and full of loudness. If you want a quieter place there, Popes Hill is an ideal place. The tribes play bongo and enjoy the traditional dance all the night. You may want to know why I am telling these. Because the Popes hill is an outstanding single track for biking. The “L” shaped track leads to another track with twists and ups-downs. If you think that bike is not a good thing to drive during a festival, take a walk. I guarantee that you will enjoy.

The last trail that I discovered is beside the Whitetail restaurant. Bikers have kept it hidden from the map so that only a few can enjoy the twists. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Every one of these tracks is suitable even for the starters. Start the engine and enjoy mountain biking!

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