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Ten years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. Spend your life in traveling not by working and you should never lose any moments in your life that you can enjoy. There is always a chance in life and don’t forget to grab it, you will lose half of your life if you cannot see this wonderful place.

  • Are you into spending your life on a beach?
  • Loving the heat of the sun?

Well, this is for you!

Mui Ne Beach, this beach is actually in the village of Ham Tien in Vietnam to add confusion the beach is district part of Phan Thiet City. Mui Ne Beach is known to be a kite surfer’s paradise, it is competing with the summer island named “Boracay” in the Philippines. It draws a wind sports from around the world due to its consistent cross onshore wind. Mui Ne Beach was able to develop their reputation and detractors. Choose a tour to Mui ne here!

With this said development, the tourist strip is gaudy and soulless.

This beach is extremely popular for Russian tourists, it is also dubbed and called the “Russian Town”. The sad part about this beach there is no scuba-diving nor snorkeling but it is wide open for surfers, Surf up from August to December, for wind-surfers the gales blow during October to late April.

Mui Ne Beach still catches a little bit of rain because of Phan Thiet, but the sand dunes help to protect its unique microclimate. The rainy season starts in June to September it’s not really long time and after that months you can surely go back to water sports! So what are the other activities you can do if you’re not into water sports?

You can rent a motorbike and explore Mui Ne proper and the fresh catch fishes out by the sea, you can take the bike to see the sand dunes. Are you into walking? You can go hike and visit the nearby Fairy Spring, or hike up in Takou Mountain and its nature reserve, and lastly just enjoy the view in your room and wander along in the shore and feel the fresh winds. So how can you go to Mui Ne Beach?

  • There’s a lot of option how to get there first by the bus, a lot of companies offer a package tour that is more efficient for tourist and next by the train rain has regular carriages operated by the state railways, and sometimes other carriages booked and operated by private companies.
  • Next is by taxi, but it’s going to be a long drive it will take four to five hours for driving just to get there and it will cost you a lot depends on how you bargain the driver and lastly by a private car.

Getting hungry to experience Mui Ne Beach, Let’s head out to grab food! There are a lot of restaurants that offer most likely the same food, but there is nothing to lose if you’re going to try them all and be satisfied by the Vietnamese food. Simple Vietnamese seafood BBQ is a good bet if you’re into it. There is still a handful of western options along the strip, Remember this is a casual tourist town so don’t expect luxurious dining. Mui Ne Beach is a good choice to spend your vacation for what it offers, it’s not really luxurious but always remember it’s not about what it has it’s always about experience and enjoyment! Have a great windy vacation!

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