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Priarie Sky Ranch

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Immediately upon arrival, I was greeted by Bruce Prins and his wife. Corrine, who together have created a top-notch hunting facility. The Prins’ Prairie Sky Ranch is located in the Glacial Lakes Region, which means wetlands and lakes dot the area and wildlife is abundant. The ranch is located on the top of a ridge formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.

The Prins directed me to the cabin I’d be using to “rough it” in for five days. As I walked up the porch which has a terrific view of the hills and prairies and walked into the cabin, I realized I wouldn’t be coming close to roughing it on this trip. The comfortable cabin featured a stone fireplace and wonderfully designed pine interior. The cabin I would share with three others in camp featured a fully operational bathroom, two bedrooms and a loft for a total of five beds. A comfortable couch and chairs were spread out in front the fireplace and a dining room table was positioned nicely by a window with wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. In fact, the cabin was designed so nicely members of my hunting camp were plotting to build replicas after snapping off several photos.

Prairie Sky Ranch has a large but cozy lodge that allows hunters plenty of room to spread out by the fireplace and reminisce of hunts past. I quickly learned the danger of hanging out in the lodge. The Prins have hired an excellent chef who makes sure you never go hungry. We ate smoked duck, pheasant, wild turkey, buffalo, steak and ham during our stay. I went home five pounds heavier and fully satisfied!

The ranch has its own herd of buffalo roaming the acreage, which is a sight to behold if you’ve never seen buffalo up close. And, yes, the ranch does offer a buffalo hunt if that piques your interest. In the spring, one can hunt turkeys here, too. But, we were here to hunt late-season upland birds and waterfowl with the guides and their dogs who work at the ranch. Prairie Sky Ranch also guarantees a waterfowl tag either non-resident or a Tribal Waterfowl Tag as the ranch is located on the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation.

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