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Some Mistakes That Coyote Hunters Should Avoid

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Whether you are a new coyote hunter or not, you will make some mistakes that you do not identify on a regular basis. To get a better result in the hunting range, you should know and avoid these.

Choose a wrong stand location

Coyotes are hard to make a call to appeal them, so it will be a nightmare if you select a bad stand location. You will never have a complete call to attract and hunt them. Most of the hunters hurry to blow a call and assume that coyotes will come to their standing points promptly.

On the flip side, a great stand location will support hunters have a smooth and careful hunting range. You need to have a place to hide your hunting tool to mislead other coyotes when you catch one of them.

Take a rush

It is probably a common mistake for all hunters as they want to save their time when hunting. They just go to the hunting range, make a rapid call. Then, they take a bow or a rifle to shoot a coyote only.  

If you are standing in a wide space, you will shoot in their heads. This will make a chaos and a perfect signal for other coyotes to run and escape. Finally, you will get nothing at all.

To solve this problem, you need to keep calm and have a careful preparation for calling and hunting.

Do not know how to control a rifle

It is surprising that some hunters do not know how to control their guns. Sometimes, they cannot stay focused on their rifles because they are not patient. Therefore, be sure to know how to handle your guns before entering the range. You are the only one to do that so you should train your mind to practice this basic skill of a hunter.

Try to shoot the offhand platform

To try the offhand platform, you should use a shooting stick as you enable to hold up your firearm that shoots a coyote directly. By doing this, you can reduce your movement to reach the target and you will also save much time to stay focused on the hunting range.

What’s more, when using a stick, you can have another free hand to make a call from an electronic call or a mouth call. This is a smart method that experienced hunters often undertake.

Get up early from your stand position

After shooting, several hunters get up from the stand position rapidly. They are not patient to observe and wait for a coyote signal. They think that their performance finished.

However, whether you have a right shot or not, you will have another opportunity to hunt again to the second, the third coyote, etc. But it does not mean you just wait for a lucky point.

When waiting for 15 or 20 minutes, you can observe what coyotes will do in the land. If you do not see any signal, then you will stand up quietly in 5 minutes later.

Think too much

Thinking is a good task to train your mind to solve a problem. Nonetheless, it does not mean you should overthink. You enable to rethink how you could you do in the previous hunting range to get your own experience and lessons.

Then, do not show it many times on your mind, especially for bad hunting events. Train your mind to have some positive thought by saving great memories when catching a coyote.


These are popular mistakes that most of the coyote hunters will make one or more times. These will become their bad habits if they do not improve. Similarly, general hunters also should learn their failures to overcome a better consequence.

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