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What Muscles Are Used When Cycling

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We all know that cycling is a great workout, benefit both your physical and mental health. As a tolerance sport, cycling is also good for cardiovascular health while also supporting weight loss.

In fact, cycling is also an incredible alternation of doing exercises in all gym centers. Have you ever had this question in mind “what muscles are used when cycling?” as you get many health benefits from this endurance sport. Keep on reading and you will discover these.

Leg muscles group

When beginning one circle, your legs have to cycle and leg muscles are the first muscle groups to train. On the one hand, other muscles also used such as gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

  •        The quadriceps muscles are the biggest groups on the front of the thigh which are responsible for boosting the leg and pushing the pedal to make many circles while cycling.
  •        The gluteus maximus and medius are the buttocks in your butt that are responsible for pushing the pedal at the top of the stroke.
  •        The hamstrings work with the calf muscle to elevate the pedal up from the bottom. These muscles are located on the back of the thigh.

In other words, these groups connected together to provide you the cycling power when pedaling and tolerance while riding.

Support muscle groups

Leg muscle groups play a key role in cycling, but other muscle groups also are used when riding. These are upper body muscle groups will be moved relying on the area and the handlebar is used.

This action has the same happening when you climb a hill and pull up on the handlebars. Your body needs to use the bicep muscles to increase the power.

When using aero bars and resting your upper body, the bicep muscles will be used to make your body weight loss. These muscles located on the back of the upper arm and the chest area.

Additionally, the muscle group in the back and abdominal region are worked to stabilize your whole body when on the bike.

Muscles group used during breathing

The breathing is also important to get your power during your cycling because all cells in lungs and muscles need to have blood and oxygen to maintain your workout.

If you do not know how to breathe, you will have a problem with the stroke. As a result, your cycling performance cannot do as expected.

Professional athletes clearly know this issue, so they always warm up their body by some slight exercises and apply the right breathing method before starting the performance.

The main muscles group used during breathing is the diaphragm which improves the volume of the rib cage while pedaling. The rib cage increases to provide oxygen and fill up the lungs that your body requires during the cycling process.

The importance of breathing method during pedaling

Learning how to breathe can support your performance correctly. When your lungs, intercostal and diaphragm muscles are improved. Hence, your body can spend more power on your muscular effort for a better stroke.

What’s more, your breathing technique could give your mind with positive diversion during a challenging task like cycling or run.

Draw attention to your posture and be sure that your shoulders do not bend. At the same time, you should slowly breathe through your nostrils.

In fact, nostril breathing is much more practical at filtering and transferring oxygen to your lungs than mouth breathing.

When breathing, you will send the breath air to your belly. This can increase the abdomen and both train the diaphragm and intercostal muscles at once simultaneously.


There is no doubt that cycling has several health benefits. If you have done on a regular basis with enough intensity, this will support you to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, weight loss, lungs functioning, and the main muscles group (as mentioned above). Your muscles group will get stronger and your body will be improved as well.

Cycling is a great workout for all people who want to enhance the whole fitness. Whether you are an athlete and want to build muscles or your body needs to recover after operating, cycling is always a great option.


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